The Future of PHP

PHP is becoming a popular one these days in web development industries because it provides several advantages both to developers and business owners. It is an object-oriented and server-side language that contribute more to create a website and web app with efficiency. There are many websites which utilize PHP for running an online business successfully for maximizing the profits to a great extent. The new version PHP is available with the best features such as data type declaration, anonymous classes, new operators, and function’s data type declaration which works faster than PHP 5.

The pros of PHP

For developers who want to create a webpage or web app easily PHP is a right choice for them to save more time. Moreover, there are several frameworks which come with PHP applications that can help to get the desired outcomes. Another thing is that most WordPress sites utilize PHP for gaining high visibility in search engines. It works on any server that can help to improve the performance levels effectively. PHP is improving significantly over time in order to compete with other web development technologies. The language is a suitable one for those who want to develop a web application at cheaper costs.

The cons of PHP

There are some developers and companies who don’t prefer PHP language due to certain reasons and some of them include:

• Doesn’t provide good support and release for new versions

• Missing multi-threading applications

• Security vulnerabilities

• Missing JIT compilation

 •Has to compete with Node.js and python programming languages

• Not suitable one for huge applications

• Weak type

• The frameworks are not an easy one to use for entry level programmers

• It is not a complied language

Before designing a PHP website, it is advisable to work with a leading web development company for fixing complex issues. Furthermore, customers can make a right decision with professional teams for getting more ideas in detail.

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